About Us

Progress, not perfection.

Choose to make the decision to complete one action to support your health goals each data
Take one step, one commitment, one moment, and/or one day at a time
I want to encourage you to make a decision with the end goal in mind. Remember to reward yourself. Work within in an space or activity that brings YOU joy, Envision and act toward a healthier you!


is an exciting place from which to share your gifts with the world ! It isn’t the same as work-life-balance. It is more and it gives you more! We must learn to welcome redefinition, reinvention and evolution on your progressive road.

So with those pillars of health/wellness well defined, I invite you to book your free consultation and begin Working with someone who will listen to you with empathy and finds joy in inspiring you to move toward your optimum wellness.

So here we are. My path began in pain and partial paralysis and now – I am well. I am healthy! and eager to share these beautiful experiences with you so that you can share yours with me!

Upluswellness, LLC is not meant to be another blog only. It’s meant to be a community, an inspiring movement! Maybe your journey is starting here ? Maybe this is a stepping stone in your path. Whatever the case, I am happy you’re here!