Wild Orange Essential Oil

Wild Orange Essential Oil

Due to its invigorating aroma and multiple benefits, the Wild Orange Essential Oil is one of the best-selling oils. The Wild Orange has a high concentration of natural monoterpenes as well as stimulating and energizing properties. This chemical gives the Wild Orange the ability to cleanse and refresh.

Extraction of orange oil:

The Wild Orange Essential Oil (lat. Anisi calami) — is extracted from the crushed peel of the ripe fruit of the orange (Citrus aurantium), which is grown in the South of France, America, Africa, Spain, Italy as well as other countries.

Somewhat rarer is the orange oil from bitter oranges. This type of orange grows mainly in plantations in Spain or Sicily.

The essential oils of the Wild Orange are contained in the fruit and the peels. The orange oil is extracted from the pressed peels. The Orange Blossom Oil (Neroli Oil), on the other hand, is distilled from the orange blossoms.

Orange oil is an orange-red liquid with the scent of orange fruit and has a bitter taste. This oil is soluble in ethanol (1: 0.5-1), benzyl benzoate, diethyl phthalate, vegetable, and mineral oils. However, the oil of the Wild Orange is insoluble in water and glycerin. Like other fruits, the Wild Orange oxidizes in the air, taking on the odor of turpentine.

The Wild Orange Essential Oil is cold-pressed. Its main uses are in the production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, confectionery, as a component of perfume compositions and fragrances for cosmetic products.

According to Öko-fair, an average of around 66 million tons of oranges are produced worldwide each year. Over half of the orange harvest ends up in the juice presses of the industry.

Wild Orange Essential Oil: mythology, customs, and traditional uses

In Arab countries, orange has been used as an antidepressant since ancient times. It was believed to tone, calm, and improve the mood. The Arabs recommended the Wild Orange’s aroma, especially for women: The oil improves the psycho-emotional state and awakens the sensuality.

Orange oil was often used to relieve increased nervous excitability, neurasthenia attacks and anxiety, loss of appetite, and sleep disorders.

Wild Orange Essential Oil today

The mental and emotional effect of the Wild Orange

The scent of orange helps to create emotional balance and a positive attitude. Wild Orange Oil is a beautiful oil that can be used alone or in a blend for the winter blues that often occur during the colder, grayer seasons. Wild orange lightens everything.

With good reason, it is often mentioned that wild orange smells like sunshine in a bottle. Hence, the Wild Orange Essential Oil is excellent for every diffuser. It is:
= Cleansing
= Energizing
= Very uplifting
= Increases creativity
= Can help with concentration
= Invigorating, but also calming.

More applications where the Wild Orange Essential Oil might prove helpful

= Relaxes the muscles and nerves.
= Can set the mood and calm down in stressful situations.
= Stimulates the appetite and promotes digestion.
= Tightens the pores — astringent for the skin and mucous membranes.
= Supports the body in fending off bacteria.
= Strong degreasing effect.

= Did you know:
The oil of bitter oranges contains a higher proportion of terpineol, which is also included in turpentine. Therefore, you can use orange oil-like turpentine as a solvent in the household.

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